Empowering people afflicted with injury or illness by restoring quality of life through providing active, evidence-based physiotherapy care.

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 Our Difference

Paragon Physiotherapy is a Mobile Physiotherapy service operating in Perth, WA. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring our patients receive high quality care and treatment. We provide treatment at a location convenient to the patient—home, workplace and/or clinic – with a service area spanning from Yanchep to Mandurah.

Our Physiotherapists have an excellent understanding of the effect of biopsychosocial aspects, combined with a strong workplace focus to optimise a patient’s capacity to return to work and function.

Our robust clinical reasoning ability, workplace knowledge, communication skills and expertise in physiology and biomechanics, enable our Physiotherapists to provide a broad range of services to patients and clients.

Conveniently Mobile

Community-based service, facilitating ease of access to treatment. We travel to our patients to ensure fast and convenient service.

Clinical Experience and Expertise

Industry leaders in best-practice, evidence based physiotherapy management across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses.

Personalised and Personable

We work closely with our patients to provide tailored and personalised professional physiotherapy services.

Outcome Focussed

Determined, passionate and committed to achieve the best possible outcome for our Patients.

Great Communicators

We work collaboratively and regularly communicate with all key stakeholders to achieve a common goal.

our physio services

Paragon Physiotherapists have an extensive knowledge of personal injury schemes such as workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accidents. We will co-ordinate relevant approvals and provide frequent communication to help guide return to work planning.

Paragon also provides physiotherapy services to private patients for a range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Physiotherapy treatment and management

Paragon Physiotherapy promises same day next day appointments ensuring an early intervention. Paragon Physiotherapy utilises an evidenced-based biopsychosocial approach to rehabilitating our patients to return to their pre-injury function. Paragon provides a proactive patient- centred approach based on the best available evidence. Our Physiotherapists aim to educate and empower so you understand your injury and the recovery process. We are a mobile service who come to your house, workplace or a convenient clinic

Telehealth Services

Paragon Physiotherapy provides long distance clinical health care for patients in remote areas who do not have immediate access to health professionals. Use of a telehealth platform allows us to assess and manage injuries remotely

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A comprehensive evaluation based upon the job demands to establish patient suitability for their role. An FCE should be used to match what the worker can achieve physically against the critical physical demands of a job role (either pre-injury duties or new duties). Paragon Physiotherapy offers a range of assessment options including functional assessment and functional capacity evaluation (PWPE, Ergo science). This appointment is 2-3 hours in length and will return a comprehensive report within 5 business days

physio services for employers

Paragon Physiotherapists focus on returning your worker to full health and function by aligning our treatment with the demands of their role.

Our Physiotherapists pride themselves on high quality stakeholder communication which allows us to adopt a collaborative approach to the injured worker’s rehabilitation. This maximises early return to work and minimises the risk of re-injury.

Early Intervention programs

Paragon Physiotherapy provides customised early intervention programs to manage workplace musculoskeletal injuries and minimize the amount of Workers’ Compensation claims. We promote the health benefits of early return to work, at an appropriate capacity, to our injured workers. Preventing long term absence from the workplace can reduce the relative risk of chronic injury and persistent pain. All patients are seen same day next day of referral being received

Worksite Visits

Paragon Physiotherapists travel to the patients workplace to conduct job task analyses, if appropriate. This allows for more effective intervention of the injured worker and assists with optimal return to work planning. Timely reporting and communication is provided to the employer and other stakeholders following the assessment

Fitness for Work Assessments

Paragon Physiotherapy conducts functional assessments to determine if the patient meets the physical demands of their job role. These assessments are tailored to the functional and physical demands of the job. The assessment is completed within 1-2 hours and is followed by a report detailing assessment findings and recommendations

physio services for individuals

At Paragon Physiotherapy we are experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions including; back pain, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle injuries and thoracic pain, sprains & strains (soft tissue injuries), nerve pain, headaches, arthritis, pre- & post- surgical rehabilitation and persistent pain & disability. Our Physiotherapists aim to educate and empower so you understand your injury and the recovery process. We are a mobile service so we can come and treat you where it suits you best – at your home, workplace or a convenient clinic location.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Evidence-based care that is centred around you.

Sports Injuries

Experienced injury diagnosis and management (including exercise rehabilitation) based on the best available research.

Pre- and Post-Surgery Physio

Rehabilitation with a focus on reducing your pain and improving your function while being attentive to surgical guidelines.

Pre- and Post-Natal Physio

Physiotherapy with a focus on the pelvic floor, before and after pregnancy.

Chronic Pain

We use the latest scientific evidence based research to manage and improve pain.

Aged Care Physio Services

Physiotherapy based around reducing age related injuries and improving quality of life. 


Clinical mat based Pilates from highly qualified practitioners.

Dry Needling

A passive treatment technique that uses acupuncture needles to help relieve muscular soreness and tightness. If prescribed this will always be in conjunction with an active rehabilitation plan that includes self-management strategies.

Hydrotherapy and Gym Rehabilitation Programs

Water and gym-based exercise programs for early stage rehabilitation as well as developing long term strategies for persistent conditions.


Long distance clinical health care used for patients in remote areas who do not have immediate access to health professionals.

Workers' Compensation Physio Services

Evidence-based care that is patient centered. We help patients navigate the sometimes-challenging worker’s compensation system. 

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Active evidence-based management of whiplash and other MVA associated injuries. 

When to refer?

It’s recommended that you refer to an approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider if you encounter any of the following: 

01 An employee has sustained a workplace injury that requires physiotherapy.

02 An individual requires private physiotherapy.

03 A GP or employer requires telehealth services for a patient/employee in a remote area.

04 • A GP requires physiotherapy for a patient that has sustained a whiplash injury.

05 An employer requires an assessment of a workers capacity in order to return to their pre-injury duties.

Our Team

We are a team of vibrant professionals who strive to provide the highest standard of care. 

Ceri Pritchard

Ceri Pritchard

Area Manager/ Physiotherapist

Taryn Schuster

Taryn Schuster


Sarah Yagmich

Sarah Yagmich


Blake Hort

Blake Hort


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In this section you’ll find some useful infomation to assist you with understanding the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Mangagement process.

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